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About Us

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To be the most sought-after lodge in Malawi, providing top class hospitality services to discerning executives from across the world. 

Top Lodge will put together top class hospitality facilities backed-up by modern service philosophies, well trained and motivated staff with the objective of providing top class accommodation and related services.

Core Values

Affordability | Privacy | Quiteness

Top Lodge believes that its business will be governed by the basic and unchanging values stated above.  

"Class & comfort”

Customer service philosophy

We will serve our guests with a friendly demeanor. We will greet them with a genuine smile. At all times, we would like to know whether our guests’ needs are being met and, if not, we will immediately remedy the problem. 

Guests should expect clean linens and a neat and attractive room without having to request it.  

Restaurants strive, above all, for variety and freshness in the food they serve. Attention is paid to current food trends and diners' preferences. Serving food at the optimum temperature, hot or cold, is important for the comfort of the diners.  

Treatment of guests
Guests are treated as though they were guests in the manager's home. Staff will instinctively know to place customer needs above their own and never be too busy to help. Guests are served with total respect at all times.

The guest is the ambassador of Top Lodge
Guests are treated as our “ambassadors” in that they are capable of bringing more guests to Top Lodge through their personal and business networks based on the top class service we give them.

Guest safety
Top Lodge will ensure that the personal safety of guests is not compromised at all. This will apply to physical premises, equipment, food and beverages, motor vehicles and other guests that they get in touch with.

Reservation hotlines

+265 (0) 111 910 872
+265 (0) 888 871 872
+265 (0) 992 303 644
+265 (0) 212 953 537

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it